Monday, November 9, 2009

You Got a Great Life: On the Road with American Fangs

WANLS: Any favorite moments this past week on or off stage?

Gabe: Throwing up on camera while playing a rock trivia/drinking game against the band The Smyrks and singing Sunday Bloody Sunday with Saul Williams...(i get a lil bashful wtf?!)

WANLS: How does American Fangs pass the time on the road during the between city drives?

Gabe: Jesus! Other than the simple pleasures of reading, talking on the phone and resting between long drives, we're usually buying fireworks and shooting them as we drive threw various towns. We enjoy plastering our stickers all across town. We utilize iphones like crazy by hooking through the AUX patch in our van and pranking any and everyone including gas stations, escort services, "massage parlors", and different clubs. On a more positive note...all of the fuckery tends to happen AFTER we've handled up on our family, music and writing business :)

WANLS: What's a typical day in the life of American Fangs been like this past week?

Gabe: Long fuckin drives. No bathing. Lots of curse words and lots of sweat. It's grind time...we wouldn't have it any other way.

WANLS: Walk us through the last ten minutes before American Fangs goes on stage.

Gabe: Right after we've all done some stretching, guzzling of water and beer, we tend to jump up and down and talk mad shit to each other and in between that I'm usually puking up whatever I ate and/or drank because I get overly excited before the point of vomit.

WANLS: What have you absorbed from witnessing the AP scene in other cities that you feel could help the scene in Houston (hometown to your truly and American Fangs) to develop?

Gabe: Honestly, if Afro-punk set up a string of TX dates that included Houston, with some great promo, it would be in the bag and I would love to help that become a reality. I'm positive after this tour TX and Houston will see a great Afro-punk fuckin carnival!! The scene in other cities is wonderful...and growing.

WANLS: Anything you guys want to say to the fans who have been writing in about how much they love the tour diary.?

Gabe: Keep showing love. Hit us up online whether you buy our EP or not! Tell your people about us, and more importantly, let us know when and where we can come to YOUR CITY. Let us know whats up in YOUR lives. We want to know, and we want to spread the word for you mutually!

Thanks, Gabe! I look forward to welcoming American Fangs into town along with the rest of the Afro-punk Tour as they make their first Bay Area stop here in San Francisco. If you're in the area, be sure to check out the show tomorrow night, 11/10, at The Independent in SF.

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