Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You Got a Great Life: On The Road With American Fangs!!!

WANLS: How does it feel to be performing nearly every day again?

Gabe: Performing everyday is, how we say, "where we get our bones." Saul was talking to me about how it take 3-4 shows to really "pop the cork" off and it's totally true. Each show gets better and better, and on day 6 our band felt like we had our touring shoes back on.WANLS: What cities have you hit in the past week?

Gabe: So far we've blazed through Toronto (shouts to the Ooh Baby Gimme Some Mores), Minneapolis(shouts to No Bird Sings), Detroit...like all the cities we hit, there's something special in Detroit...the people have the biggest spirits and Chicago...which, if i could compare to anything, it woulda been like jumping out of a plane and testing one of those gnarly wing suits!!!

WANLS: What's been surprising to you?

Gabe: I think Afro-punk likes us :) And we love them. We're becoming great friends day by day with everyone in the Afro-punk camp and as long as my band keeps their clothes on and doesn't blow up Saul's tour bus - which (they dont know this) has come pretty close to happening - we'll continue to make beautiful music madness together.

WANLS: Have you guys performed in any of the cities you've hit before now?

Gabe: We've performed in alot of cities but not on this scale...and by scale I mean, the people that are coming to these shows are there for the right reasons. Sometimes you get people at shows who text the whole time, or hang out on the wall. Not this tour. This tour is the AFRO PUNK TOUR!!! No parkin' on the dance floor!WANLS: How did AF celebrate Halloween?

Gabe: We were going to dress up as women..ugly women...but when we tried on the outfits we just looked like dudes that couldn't dress for shit so we came as ourselves...broke and skinny. (SIERRA SAYS: This is by far my fave answer this week...lol)

WANLS: Did you guys actually play on Halloween or was that a day off?

Gabe: We DID play MASS on Halloween...fun fun show...they didn't allow filming in the venue which blew but it was still a badass ashow.

WANLS: Best American Fangs costumes from past Halloweens?

Gabe: I have yet to see my guys dress up in a dope halloween costume, but I did dress up as a bag of chips last year. It was a hit.

WANLS: One word to describe the tour so far?

Gabe: Straight up, I would say the word would be "Keith," but you dont know Keith yet, but you're gonna meet him!! He's the life of the party on the tour and we love the shit outta this dude. So I just ran up to him and interrupted his Street Fighter match in the Days Inn lobby, and said "Yo Keith! One word to describe the tour..." and rightfully so he replied: "EPIC."

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