Friday, November 13, 2009

Entrevista: Donwill...1/3 of Tanya Morgan

Brooklyn/Cincinnati based Tanya Morgan is a refreshing dose of everything that is right about hip-hop. As 1/3 of the super trio, Donwill has become known for his witty lyricism and smooth as silk delivery. The college-educated MC/blogger/all around cool cat agreed to let WANLS pick his brain a bit...thanks, D-Dub!

WANLS: What's the last song you listened to?

DW: Drake - Uptown ft Bun B

WANLS: What gets you started in the morning?

DW: My alarm is usually set for 8:45 Mon thru Fri so I'd say that does. But in the more figurative sense, it's just trying to be better...better at what I do and better at who I am.

WANLS: What's #1 on your priority list right now?

DW: My #1 priority is to make money. Period. I need to

WANLS: Fill in the blanks: Everybody should listen to _(song title)________________, because ______________________.

DW: Everybody should listen to Lil Wayne because he is just fucking insane, in the sense that he says a bunch of really nonsensical funny shit. "and i keep that toaster on me, you can be my streudel bitch"... he said you can be my strudel bitch... lmao wtf smh

WANLS: Fill in the blank: But as long as I can listen to _______________________'s music, I know everything will be alright.

DW: As long as I can listen to Stevie Wonder's music, I know everything will be alright.

WANLS: Fill in the blanks: I love living in ___________________ because______________________.

DW: I love living in Brooklyn because it makes me feel creative and the flights out are cheaper.
WANLS: Fill in the blank: One day they're probably gonna name a _____________________ after me.

DW: One day they are probably gonna name a kid after me.

WANLS: Favorite tour so far?

DW: Any tour that takes me to the West Coast is a favorite...loved goin' out with Hiero tho.

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