Monday, November 30, 2009


As often as I can, I will bring (legitimately) FREE music to you guys. First up is a download from the good folks over at Afro-Punk. This is actually Volume 2 of their mix series which features the hottest bands on the scene. You'll especially love it because it features a few WANLS faves, including Peekaboo Theory and American Fangs. Every track is bangin....what are you waiting for? Get to clicking on the Download link below and you'll be jamming before you can say WANLS is the coolest website ever:) P.S. You can listen to all the tracks right here before you download, if you'd like. Use the arrows to go through the tracks.

<a href="">CX KiDTRONiK - &quot;Let's Go Crazy&quot; Feat. TCHaKA DiALLO by Afro-Punk</a>