Monday, November 16, 2009

Wam, Bam, Thank You Mam!

I've been working on LOTS of newness for you guys. Since we're rolling into the holiday season, I figured I'd give you a little sneak peek of some of what I'm bringing to you in the next few weeks. Wam, bam, thank you mam...that's what you'll be saying to me, so go ahead...clear your throats and get ready:

A Dream Asleep.....their EP release is November 28th in Houston, TX, but before that, I pick their brains WANLS style:)

Trackademicks makes you believe in hip-hop again....straight out of the Bay Area with his Honor Roll crew, I'll be letting you know what makes this tastemaker tick.

Don't let the cute faces fool ya, sonically, The Bots are everything that their older contemporaries are....if not more! I'll introduce you to the 2 brothers, fresh from sharing the stage with Saul Williams and American Fangs last week in LA!

The Park just has it. I heard them and was speechless. Amazingly talented musicians in the truest sense of all those words! They are constantly playing shows with Ms. Alice Russell or on the road, but I got them to sit down for a sec to answer some questions just for you!

If I could pick out everything I love about music and mash it up into one band, the result would be Peekaboo Theory. I'm not gonna lie, these guys are definitely among my favorite bands'll see why:)

The Oxymorrons are on the rise! Catch them in the finals for the PacSun Battle of the Bands, but catch them on WANLS as they dish the goods on what's next for the 3-piece rockers.

Ooooh Baby! Hailing from Toronto, the Ooohh Baby Gimme More's make me excited in so many ways! Their music, their energy, their down-to-earthedness (ok, so I made that word up), it's all love with these guys.

OK kids, cover your Gotta love some sexy rock....just makes you feel goooood. Mama's Dirty Little Secret is hot and spicy and they know how to rock it out! I can't wait to hear their dirty little answers to my interview questions;)

Keelay is 1/2 of the dynamic production duo known as Keelay and Zaire. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet Keelay face to face....he's everything that hip-hop stereotypes are happy to bring you his interview....a little slice into the mind of a musical genius!

This is not a game.....this is rebellion! I promised it to you guys and I will honor that promise. Look forward to the complete Game Rebellion piece soon.....

Dion Decibels is truly a gem in the Bay Area's musical crown...whether he's spinning in the hottest venues or on ThinkBeat Radio, he's got the grooves to make the the bodies move (yes, I really did just say

Everything about California King makes me smile...I had the audible pleasure of screening their entire album and will be bringing you a review along with their interview.

Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh! Take that!

Love and light....