Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leave Your Genre at the Door

Close your eyes and listen.

The beats and melodies that you hear cannot be confined by the restraints of any genus. The harmonies and chords defy any and all expectations of what music could and should be. They are fiery, yet tamed; mellow, yet fierce. What you are listening to is a track from Sy~3nc3 & Pr()gr@m5, from Houston, Texas based Peekaboo Theory.

For nearly three years, the band (consisting of six members: Tony Roopa, Nathan “Twist” Matthews, F.Y~I.A.A.M., Whitecloud, Ramon Wakefield and Darian Fleming) has been serving up refreshing audible treats, while simultaneously slaughtering any boundaries or stereotypes that try to pigeonhole their passion and label their sound. For Peekaboo Theory, it’s never been about fitting their music into a particular genre. They create music, period. The talent spread amongst the six members of the band is undeniable. The music they create commands respect on it’s own, whether you call it experimental, rock, electronic or whatever. Peekaboo Theory simply calls it their passion. Labels are for jars, so rather than wasting time trying to name their sound, they focus their energy on fulfilling an obvious life’s calling: birthing music from their souls.


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As a musician hailing from a city like Houston, which seemingly cranks out new artists by the day, it’s easy to find yourself lumped into the one hit wonder category or simply overlooked and never given the chance to show and prove. True talent and that certain 'je ne sais quoi’ are necessary to gain the love and loyalty of fans and media in a town where everyone claims to be an artist. Though they have only been playing together for a few years, Peekaboo Theory has already received high critical acclaim regionally and, with the recent release of their LP, is poised to tackle the national music scene. They nabbed a coveted spot in the Houston Press’ (a long time advocate and voice for the independent art scene in Houston) weekly showcase reviews and even garnered accolades from the Houston Chronicle, one of the oldest and most regarded newspapers in the Lone Star State. In addition to the media love, Peekaboo Theory has countless live shows at venues and festivals all over the Southern United States under their belt and they’ve been mesmerizing crowds and gaining fans at every turn. Most recently, the band headed to Austin to perform at South by Southwest, the newly minted juggernaut of a musical festival, for the third year in a row. “Every year that we go to SXSW, we make new contacts and those contacts lead to even more contacts,” says guitarist Ramon Wakefield, “each new connection pushes us that much closer to the next level for Peekaboo Theory.”

Sy~3nc3 & Pr()gr@m5
The next level is, indeed, where Peekaboo Theory is headed. March 20th marked the release of the band’s highly anticipated first LP, Sy~3nc3 & Pr()gr@m5. The guys flex their musical muscles and thumb their noses to any wimpy shell of a “debut LP.” On the contrary, they come full force with a record dripping with originality and unadulterated talent. Sy~3nc3 & Pr()gr@m5 is well balanced and refreshing, leaving nothing to be desired. Peekaboo Theory could very well be their city’s musical savior, delivering it from the stigmatic and stagnant notions about the identity of Houston’s music scene. Their sound is organic and there’s no mistaking them for what they really are: musicians who play solely for the love of what they do.

There are no counterfeit performances or simulated emotions with Peekaboo Theory, only a fusion of like minds doing something that they sincerely love. The measure of themselves that goes into each and every time they play is indicative of just how much they live and believe in what they do. They play with the maturity and unanimity of a band that has been making music together for decades, singular in their mindset and emotions that go into every note. To witness Peekaboo Theory live is to be transported to a hallowed place where kindred souls who knew one another in a past life have reunited in the present to manifest a calling and a gift that is at once timely and progressive beyond the present time. To listen to their album is to be taken back to that place again and again, each time as intense as the previous. To watch them now is to see but a glimpse of what is to come for Peekaboo Theory. Whatever you do, don’t blink…

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sometimes You Wanna Go...

I'm sitting here home alone and bored. Trying to be optimistic, but I'm missing the mark somehow and so at best, I've landed on homesick. I don't want to be in the house, but if I leave, where will I go? My funds are way limited and I don't start work until the end of April, so I've gotta hold on to what I've got. Anyone that I do know out here (the grand total comes to like 3) is away or busy. Talking to folks at home made my homesick level increase dramatically. I'm all Twittered out and if I look at this screen much longer, my eyeballs are going to come out of my head and slap me. It would be nice to see familiar faces and hear familiar voices talking about familiar things at a time like this.

I miss my car, as old and beat up as it was, at least I could hop in it and go when I felt like it. I miss walking in to the Bird and seeing Cam and Matt and having that Cheer's moment when everyone says your name as you walk in the door. I miss Bob grilling burgers outside (and my special order barbecued grilled cheese on a bun). I miss Anthony and Ramon and Nathan and Jim....the patio and all of our shenanigans out I miss random texts from Jimmy Jam that just said "catbirds" or "poison girl" and then heading that way so that we can sit on those stools and do the same exact thing that we did every night of our never ever got old.

It was never anything fancy, but it was fun and special....mostly because of the friends that I was didn't really matter where we were. I miss Peekaboo Theory and DIBA nights...impromptu parties in my living room when one of us decided to suddenly declare "CRAZY NIGHT!" These people were my friends, but they became my family. We celebrated together and had good times, and we were there for each other when times weren't so great.

I'm still the same Sierra. I still wanna have fun like that, only now when I get those urges, I can't go around the corner and see the good ol' neon sign in the window at the Bird or drive for 2 and a half minutes and be at the Flat on a Monday night. Homesick is what they call this...I know I'll be ok...I know I'll adjust, but even so, I miss those people...and I miss those times...

Right now I just wanna go where everybody knows my name, but the BART and the Muni don't run that far...