Friday, October 30, 2009

Band Camp....

BANDS: I'm looking for you! Submit your pictures, show info, free downloads, etc. to be published write here for your fans and all the world to see! What does this mean for you? FREE ADVERTISING and PUBLICITY for your band! What does it mean for me? I get to write about what I love and continue to provide this site as a place for good music and information for the fans.

Send your info to If you're sending show info, try to send the flyer, as well so it can be posted. If you'd like to be interviewed, be sure to email me your press kit, as well, or at the very list as much info as you can.

Also, if you're on the road and would like to write in to the tour diary, feel free! Keep it short and simple, just tell us where you are, what tour you're on or what album you're promoting, maybe a couple of highlights from on the road debauchery (I love that word) and some candid pics (camera phone shots are welcome).

Thanks for checking out my site...have a Safe and Happy Halloween, guys. I'm interviewing Game Rebellion again tonight, so look for the full post and pics soon. Until then...keep it rockin!

Love and light...

Shouts to California King and Mama's Dirty Little Secret for showing love this week, oh and Revenge of Ricky Williams...check those guys out here, respectively: