Sunday, October 25, 2009

You Got a Great Life: On the Road with American Fangs

James Spooner's 2003 documentary was the first that many had ever heard of the Afro-Punk sub-culture. Afro-Punks around the country have since united through the official website of the movement, 2009 has been exceptionally kind to AP. The annual Afro-Punk Festival in Brooklyn grows each year, always featuring some of the best AP bands and skaters out there - think VANS Warped Tour with lots of dreadlocks, fros and brown skin and every single band that plays is AMAZING:) This year's festival even featured Black Punk pioneers, Pure Hell! Well, 2009 is not over yet and AP is making the most of it by kicking off the first ever Afro-Punk Tour. Saul Williams headlines this historic lineup, which also features Houston, Texas natives American Fangs, who have also taken 2009 by storm with the release of their first EP, self-titled American Fangs. Over the next few weeks, as the AP tour makes its way across the country, I will be teaming up with the Fangs to give you an up close and personal look at life on the Afro-Punk tour from their point of view, in their words!

As down to earth as he is talented, American Fangs' frontman, Gabriel Cavazos has agreed to start things off by answering a few questions for us, as yesterday was the end of week 1 of the tour.

SIERRA SAYS: What's the first stop on the tour?

GABE SAYS: Our first stop is the House of Blues In Cleveland, Ohio.

SIERRA SAYS: What are you guys looking forward to the most from this tour?

GABE SAYS: Honestly, we look forward to the road in general...the best and the worst that the road can bring! I woke up in the parking lot of a Walmart in Kentucky and although it's not the most comfortable sleep (12 passenger van w/ people) I got up, smelled some clean air, took a look around and was pretty pleased w/ the notion that I was once again, cruisin' the USA w/ my boys....And of course, you know I'm lookin forward to experiencing Saul Williams, AF and the surprises the Afro-Punk tour is about to present us with!

SIERRA SAYS: Introduce us to the band, please.

I'll definitely introduce you to by band:

We've got Mitch on drums, he's also our "Donald Trump" of the band. He tends to be the mouth of the band when it comes to bridging the relationships between the band and the folks involved in the biz. But despite his cordial and crisp way of takin care of biz...he can be a loose keep an eye on him.

There's Kyle, our bass player. He's the silent giant. He's one of the guys that should be endorsed not only by musical equipment, but by Home Depot. He's the MacGyuver of the band. Remember that show? Me either...:)

We have Kenyon on lead guitar. He's the unofficial muscle of the band. He doesn't know that yet, it won't be official until he quits smokin ciggs. So bad for your muscles.

And I musn't forget Jeff Deuce, our other guitarist. He is the unofficial 2nd guitarist at the moment, a subject we rarely touch on, and dude is a savior. He also produced and tracked our debut Ep which we have been promoting all of 2009.

Did I forget anyone? Oh yah, and myself, the guy with many names..Gus, Gabriel, Flipping Dagger, and u refer to me. I am the vocalist and lyricst of the band. I'm not goin to volunteer too much information about myself because that would be weird. I will say this though:

I'm Proud :)

I totally forgot to mention the 6th passenger in our van!

We only refer to him as "Wolf." He is our tour manager and to be honest...I'm not exactly sure who hired him! One day we're gigging..doin as much as we can, and the next we have this fearless, chatterbox of fellow riding the states with us...causing an uproar everywhere we go all the while handling our merchandise sales, equipment load in/out, phone calls and other day to day mess. I'm not even sure where this guy lives. But currently he lives with us and I must include him in this interview for he has joined in on the bloodsucking with the American Fangs.

Thanks, Gabe! We wish you guys nothing but good times on the road and can't wait to hear from you next week!