Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unfinished Biz...

Game Rebellion ROCKED 330 Ritch in San Francisco last night! As if we expected anything less from them, right? Although they were preparing to hit the stage already when I got there, the guys made some time to sit down with me for part 1 of my interview before their set. They were extremely down to earth and their music is an audio extension of their cool:)

That's yours truly interviewing the guys:) [PHOTO CREDIT: SCOTT LAROCKWELL]

I have a lot of respect for them and am looking forward to part 2 of the interview, which I will be conducting this Friday at their 2nd San Francisco show. Those of you in the Bay Area should come out to catch their set. There's a surge of energy present at Game Rebellion live shows that's just have to experience it. Here are the show details:

For now, all you Game Rebellion fans can enjoy this video of one of their live performances at the 2009 Afro-Punk Festival in Brooklyn:

Find more videos like this on Afro-punk

I am accepting fan submissions once again for any questions that you'd like me to ask the guys this Friday, so email those to, or leave them as a comment here. Until then, keep it rockin and tell your friends about my site please! Any bands/artists you'd like to see interviewed on Let me know.

Love and light...