Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Negative Nellies (and Neds)

"Your circumstances may be uncongenial, but they shall not remain so if you only perceive an ideal and strive to reach it. You cannot travel within and stand still without."
- James Allen

My day started off on a positive note....I woke up all happy and ready to face the day. Then, I went to a meeting that I expected to be really productive and a huge step towards my future, only to encounter a big giant naysayer who stomped on my dreams. I allowed this person's negativity to sink into my spirit for a little while, but in the light of my new mission, I decided to refocus my energy. Instead of letting this morning get me down, I realized that life truly is what you make of it, not what someone tells you it HAS to be based on their personal experiences and failures. So I resolved to only work that much harder to have a great day and to continue working towards my goals and dreams no matter what.

I am traveling within....seeking to elevate my mind and focus on things that are uplifting and that help me move forward, rather than keeping me in a stagnant place. No matter what anyone says to you or tries to do to sew seeds of negativity into your life, remember that you have the final say. Don't allow anyone to pollute your consciousness with their poisonous attitude. You can go as far as you have purposed within your heart to go....it's not how much money you have to put behind a project or about any material thing. It's about how badly you want it.... As for me, I want it so badly I can't sit still...

We all face challenges and obstacles along the way, that's all a part of life (cue The Lion King "Circle of Life" music), but it's how you choose to deal with those necessary negatives that defines you as a chump or a champion. Today, I am seeking to show my obstacles who's boss. They are gonna come, but I'm gonna get my Carl Lewis on and jump those hurdles like a true champ....who's with me?