Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entrevista: The Whooligan

In March I will be moving from San Francisco to the greatest city in the world, Houston, TX. As you may have gleaned from previous posts, Houston is my hometown and there is definitely no place like it, in my opinion. As I prepare to leave the Bay Area I'm reflecting on the culture and community that I will be leaving behind. In that spirit, I have decided to post a series of interviews with Bay Area movers, shakers and whatnot (don't you just love that word?...hehe).

First up is The Whooligan. I've had the occasion to witness the craft of many dj's since I've been here in the Bay, and of those, very few have actually impressed me. The Whooligan most definitely has. As genuine personally as he is ridiculously talented on his turntables, Whoo is a staple in the Bay Area's music scene. I'm pleased to bring this interview to you guys, and even more pleased to call The Whooligan my friend:)

WANLS: Tell me who you are and what you do in three sentences.

WHOO: My name is Julio Galvez and I am known as The Whooligan. I am a resident DJ and producer for a variety of clubs and collectives; some include 40Love, Sole Vibe Music Group, The Park, Foreign Legion, Eve Lounge and Om Records. I am co-founder of the #cRitGAWD special: eggs, spinach, brown rice, hashbrowns & coffee- pretty much a standard 'round these parts.

WANLS: What's the last song you listened to?

WHOO: My roommate and brother-from-another, Derek Taylor (drummer of famed rhythm section The Park) just put me onto John Mayer's new album, "Battle Studies." It's 7:45AM and I listened to the LP front to back on the way home from the airport. A peaceful morning in the Bay with a great sound track and beautiful tones. As I am writing this interview though, I'm listening to DJ Sneak live @ the Forum in Waterford, Ireland 2008- definitely in need of some coffee now.

WANLS: What gets you started in the morning?

WHOO: Woah, woah, woah. Take it easy...

WANLS: Fill in the blanks: If it hadn't been for ______, I would have_____.

WHOO: If it hadn't been for witnessing my parent's late nights playing salsa records, drinking wine, dancing and enjoying company (as a very young child), I would have never known the true essence of sharing good music with the people you love most.

WANLS: What's #1 on your priority list right now?

WHOO: Connecting with my people, your people, their people, our people and spreading love. All day, every day. And you know, that other stuff like paying my bills and staying healthy.

WANLS: Fill in the blanks: Everybody should listen to _______, because _______.

WHOO: Everybody should listen to whatever moves them. Don't pigeon-hole yourself. Listen to it all, even if you think you will absolutely despise it. Appreciate music for good or for bad, because whether you're feeling it or not, there was a process involved to create and capture something pure. Fela, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Osunlade, Flying Lotus, Nina Simone and Johnny Cash never hurt nobody either.

WANLS: Fill in the blank: People would never guess that _______.

WHOO: People would never guess that I am of Buddhist spiritual beliefs and chant on the daily. I give thanks to those who came before me and will eventually follow me. Self reflection has changed my life.

WANLS: Fill in the blank: Ten years ago, I just knew I ________.

WHOO: Ten years ago, I just knew I wanted to play professional soccer. As a kid, it was always salsa records and soccer. That's all we could afford to eat. I played competitively growing up and a couple years in college. I am super thankful to have met someone who would later refer me to Amoeba Music. For 5+ years, I worked next to some of the smartest and most knowledgeable music nerds west of the Mississippi. The rest is history.

WANLS: But as long as I can listen to _______'s music, I know everything will be alright.

WHOO: But as long as I can listen to music, I know everything will be alright. House, Broken Beat, Salsa, Classical, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Techno, Boogie, Rare Groove, Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, Bhangra, Rock, etc etc and so much more. Bring that chit on, mane.

WANLS: Throw your set up! Where do you live and why do you love it?

WHOO: I love living in San Francisco because of the people, the culture, the weather, the music, the food, the inspiration, the record nerds, the sunday fundays, the herb, the best bartenders, artists, promoters and service professionals in the world, and because our afterhours parties trump yours. I'm just sayin though.

WANLS: Fill in the blank: One day they're probably gonna name a _______ after me.

WHOO: One day they're probably gonna name a Nacho Libre remake after me. Pfffft!

WANLS: Favorite gig so far?

WHOO: I would have to say my favorite gig so far was rockin with a marketing company in NYC, as well as MTV a couple years back. For a few years I was on national tours opening for folks like Diplo, Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco, Kid Sister, Buggz in the Attic, Plain White T's, Brooke Hogan, Taylor Swift, Lloyd, Bobby Valentino and hella other artists rocking 8,000+ crowds. But really though? My MOST favorite gig? Life, because one day we rock for 10,000 people and another day we rock for 10. Experience is everything.

WANLS: Fantasy gig?

WHOO: My fantasy gig is to tour the world with my friends and family. One super wild festival tour with everyone I love to listen to and rock with on the daily. Peace and Love.

WANLS: Tell me where you see or would like to see the Bay Area's music scene head this year.

WHOO: Honestly, I would like to see everyone step their LIFE game up. Too much petty beef, too many childish mistakes and too many people saying they want to do this and connect with this person... which never happens. Again, being on both sides of the artist/business spectrum, I see and hear a lot nonsense that honestly saddens me. How you live your life and how you treat your neighbors and community dictates the music you create. The Bay Area is too fresh and musically diverse to not be recognized on a national level. No offense, but really? Hyphy is the only "genre" known to come out of the Bay? We create beautiful soul music; hip hop to house and it's time the world recognizes our talents. How is this going to happen? Genuine support, honest communication and love for the energy and hard work we all, male and female, put into our craft. And I'm not saying you have to connect with everyone who makes music or everyone who claims they can rock a party. If you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it, and that's ok- just keep it to yourself and stay positive. In the words of Jay Electronica, "Someone being great takes ABSOLUTELY nothing away from YOUR greatness. Stop Hating."

WANLS: Where can we find you on the internet?

WHOO: Twitter:
Official Blog:
Eve Lounge:

Photo Cred: Scott LaRockwell (color photos) and Melissa Fuller (B/W's)