Sunday, January 24, 2010

Entrevista: Trackademicks

For those of you who, like myself, were quite distressed about the bleak outlook for hip-hop's future, take note. I have found the knight in shining armor who has come to ease our fears: Trackademicks. Been craving originality? He's got it. Been missing the finesse and personality (not a bad attitude) from a true entertainer? He's got that too. What about professionalism, a strong work ethic and consistency? Yep....he's your dude. Thanks to Trackademicks and his Honor Roll crew, hip-hop is back and it's better than ever! From flawless lyricism and making crowds go crazy, to producing bangers that make 'em go dumb and remixes that make you wonder why the original track even bothered, Trackademicks is ahead of the class! I'm so pleased to bring you this interview with the Bay Area tastemaker. Students, take your seats......class is in session!

WANLS: Tell me who you are and what you do in 3 sentences.

TRACKADEMICKS: My name is Trackademicks aka The Cool Collar Scholar, representing the Bay Area's Honor Roll Crew. In a Nutshell, I create lush, breezy synthphonic-soulectronic-neo-funk-infused sophisti-slapadelick-soundscapes enriched with socially relevant ramblings about the human experience in celebration of the culturally diverse world we are blessed to be a part of! Though, some may simply refer to me as an artist/producer...

WANLS: What's the last song you listened to?

TRACKADEMICKS: Todd Rundgren "Love is the Answer"

WANLS: What gets you started in the morning?

TRACKADEMICKS: Promise of a better tomorrow gets me in gear to tackle the tasks of today.

WANLS: Fill in the blanks: If it hadn’t been for ___, I would have ___.

TRACKADEMICKS: If it hadn't been for meeting the core members of the Honor Roll in high school, I would have never developed such a broad, idealistic yet realistic view of the artist I could potentially become.

WANLS: What's #1 on your priority list right now?

TRACKADEMICKS: Getting the right look/reception for all of the first round Honor Roll projects dropping this year. When we put our best foot forward, everything else will fall into place. Going 100% is the only way to meet God half way in getting were you're supposed to be!

WANLS: Tell me one song that everybody should listen to and why.

TRACKADEMICKS: Everybody should listen to "Blue" by Wham!, because if you have ever been or have the experience of knowing someone at the brink of falling apart at the mercy of someone else, this song will perfectly articulate the passion in the pain of that moment. Just saying...

WANLS: What’s one thing people would never guess about you?

TRACKADEMICKS: People would never guess that I usually can careless about the small details. I'm big picture all the way.

WANLS: Fill in the blank: Ten years ago, I just knew I ___.

TRACKADEMICKS: Ten years ago, I just knew I could never be a musician, because "what 'normal' dude from Alameda can really make a decent living doing hip-hop?!?" Joke's on who? Hmmmm...

WANLS: Fill in the blanks: But as long as I can listen to ___’s music, I know everything will be alright.

TRACKADEMICKS: But as long as I can listen to Sade and Tears for Fears' music, I know everything will be alright.

WANLS: Throw your sets up! Where do you live and why do you love it?

TRACKADEMICKS: I love living in Trackademia because everything here, in my own headspace, everything is of my own volition.

WANLS: Fill in the blank: One day they’re probably gonna name a ___ after me.

TRACKADEMICKS: One day they're probably gonna name a Chill Pill after me.

WANLS: Favorite tour or show so far?

TRACKADEMICKS: N.E.R.D Live At Fillmore in San Francisco June 14, 2002.
This show was magical. So magical in fact that they threw it on the re-released enhanced CD of In Search Of... This show was the epitome of what I have been enlisted to do as an artist. It’s all about bridge building and cultural connection. There were so many truly different people in the room that night. People create Art. Art is Life. Life is Good. It was achieved that night. You can see me in the front row if you look hard enough.

WANLS: Fantasy tour lineup/show location?

TRACKADEMICKS: Sade and Tears for Fears somewhere in the UK, circa 1985-86.

The Trackademicks Process (Extended) from Dave The Dopeman on Vimeo.

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