Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Time For Ya Mind

One of the things that I pledged to do in 08 was to study and learn Swahili. I have the books, the dictionary and the audio lessons. I didn't learn it completely last year, but I'm not a quitter, so I am continuing with my self-taught Swahili mission. I want to find a Swahili meet up of sorts because a key to learning new languages is to begin using the language, actually diving in and applying what you're learning.
Languages have always appealed to me. I'm fascinated with them and would like to learn as many as I can. With Swahili, in particular, I love the idea that I will be speaking a language that is of the native land of my ancestors. Swahili is spoken as a first or second language by hundreds of millions of people in the world, if not more. Languages are an art form. There's so much beauty in much variety and so many unique traits. I'd love to study many more...maybe add a few Asian dialects to my repertoire.
Anywho people, in the forever-etched-in-every-80's-baby's-memory words of Lavar Burton, "take a look, its in a book...." Expand your mind. Empower yourselves. Maybe languages aren't your thing, but go out and seek knowledge. Learn as much as you can, while you can. Young Jeezy said "the world is yours and everything in it." True, indeed, but it takes some strategy, wisdom and a plan. I cringe when I hear the "joke" about hiding something from a black man by putting it in a book...that's super ignorant. But then I'm saddened when I talk to so many people (men and women, all races) who are quick to admit that they don't read. Not because they can't, just because they choose not to do so. We cannot leave our current and future well-being in the hands of others. We must arm ourselves with knowledge and go out and make things happen ourselves. Invest some time in yourself today and read something that will fuel your mind for your journey. You really can go anywhere and do anything, let President Obama's achievements inspire you. Reading is not a privilege reserved for an elite few...exercise your right today. Learn something new....and tell me about it: May today be an enlightened one for us all...