Friday, February 5, 2010

It's OK...I'm With the Band: Game Rebellion

In my ongoing visual stimulus series, "It's OK I'm With the Band," I bring you pictures of yours truly with the bands that I feature on this site. Here I am with some of my favorite rockers from NYC, Game Rebellion. All photos are by Scott La Rockwell, the Canon Whisperer (I just interviewed him, as well....coming soon!). Click on the pics for a larger view.

The guys put on an insanely hot show in San Francisco that night. You can view the rest of the pics here.

Game Rebellion's newest release, "Sounds Like a Riot" is available now on iTunes...I haven't taken it out of my rotation since I purchased it. You should all go buy it're already in front of the computer...what are you waiting on? Support awesome people who make awesome music. Unless you're ok with the weeny-pop that the radio tells you to listen to.......I didn't think so! This is not a game.....this is rebellion!!!