Friday, September 4, 2009

Fail, T-Mobile. Big Fat Fail.

This here is a rant session, folks. (And that there was me writing in my native language, Texan...hehe)

Problem #1: It took AEONS for the folks over at Danger to develop Facebook and Twitter apps for the Sidekick. Other cell phones have had this capability for years now (Blackberry, iPhone), but not the Sidekick. The applications for FB and Twitter were just made available on the Sidekick LX (which costs a whopping $400.00, by the way...GRRR).
Problem #2: They (the Danger folks) have the nerve to charge a recurring monthly payment for the Sidekick Twitter app....GRRR!
Problem #3 I downloaded the applications night before last and am already having problembs. I haven't been able to log into the Twitter app yet today! This makes me mad. It's 2009, people. A simple cell phone application can't be perfected in 2009?
Here's an idea for you, Danger: take some tips and pointers from EVERY OTHER CELL PHONE APPLICATION MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD on how to make it work! Somehow, they all seem to get it done. T-Mobile, I am so unsatisfied right now.
Sorry for yellin', guys:)
Love and light...